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Making Linocuts, a Webiste and Planning a Multimedia Work

Here are two linocuts I proofed today, part of a new series I am making to exhibit at the Fire Station Print Studio in Melbourne later in the year. I am also planning a large piece for the Gippsland Print Award, and The Fremantle Print Award and as you can see still building my website just a bit at a time……..and loving it (Get Smart)

Lino Blocks by Shana James
Lino Blocks by Shana Jame

One Day PD workshop Book Now!

Understanding the visual arts for generalist primary teachers, no previous art experience necessary.

Contact Shana to book before Friday 27th of February

Generalist primary teachers are expected to know a lot about a lot of subjects and not all schools have specialist Art Teachers.

This workshop is very hands on and designed to demystify the New National Arts Curriculum for the visual arts for those who don’t have an art background.

I have over 20 years experience teaching art to adults and I promise you this will be the most fun you have had at a PD workshop. Classes are relaxed friendly and relevant to the problems teachers face in the classroom teaching art. for more info about Shana and her workshops for teachers go to

As you are aware Visual Arts is a compulsory part of the New National Curriculum in Primary Education. Yet many teachers have not been adequately taught how to teach this subject area.

This workshop is for generalist primary teachers and is designed to:

  • Teach Practical skills which relate directly to the new curriculum, suitable for teachers with little or no art experience.
  • Teach an understanding of different art materials including brands
  • Classroom management.
  • Cross curricular opportunities.
  • It is a prerequisite for more advanced workshops which will be held later in the year.

I have put together a one day workshop to be held at the Melville Rec Centre on Saturday the 7th of March.

$165 per person includes all art materials, notes and lunch, tea and coffee

Art has the capacity to engage the disengaged student and ignite a spark in the unmotivated. For some students it can even be the catalyst to global change in their entire attitude to school.

Book now  booking deadline, contact Shana

before Friday 27th of February

dl Promo teachers-1 day.indd


I Day Workshop for Primary Teachers

My letter to all Primary Teachers, teaching art is fun, come and do my one day workshop and learn the skills you need to program effective and engaging lessons in the visual arts. If you are in Perth come and join me at the Melville Rec Centre.

Dear Primary Teacher,

Teaching visual arts in primary school is a compulsory part of the new Australian National Curriculum.

Are you interested in a PD workshop that gives teachers the practical, hands on skills they need to teach effective and engaging lessons in visual art?

  • See how these practical skills relate directly to the new national curriculum.
  • Understand the cross curricular opportunities and the global learning benefits.
  • Discover art doesn’t need to be messy and out of control; learn classroom management techniques to make art organised and manageable.

Book Now One Day Workshop

When: Saturday 7th March 2015

Where: Melville Recreation Centre, corner of Stock Road and Canning Highway, Melville.

Total Cost: $165 includes art materials, lunch and tea and coffee. Places are limited.

Contact Shana 0448 331 519 email


This workshop is a prerequisite for Shana’s more advanced workshops in printmaking and making books. For more information go to the Art Upskill website


I’d love to see you at my one day workshop 🙂


What people are saying about our Linocut Workshop in Bali

Thank you Carolyn for this lovely description of our 2015 workshop in Ubud…

As you sketch and carve your image in the garden of ARMA Resort, the beauty of this magnificently

Flowers in the Water Garden at the Arma Resort
Flowers in the Water Garden at the Arma Resort

landscaped tropical paradise is an inspiration.

There are multi levels and layers of lush vegetation incorporating rice fields, lotus ponds, statues, streams and fountains. Beautiful vistas and the sound of running water wherever you wander. A very peaceful setting with a pool nearby where you can
cool off and enjoy afternoon tea in the shade.

We used an area attached to the ARMA Gallery for traditional Balinese arts. On Sunday morning, groups of children rehearse their Balinese dances nearby with parents watching on the sidelines …
just like ballet classes at home. Excellent planning meant that everything ran smoothly.

I learnt handburnishing and chine colle techniques as well as getting lots of tips from Shana on design and composition. A very supportive environment with flexibility to do your own thing each day, eg cooking  class, traditional Balinese painting  or the temple tour at dawn with Agung Rai himself, the
founder of the Agung Rai Museum of Arts (ARMA) and creator of the heavenly garden.

Group listening to Agung Rai before we head off
2015 Golden Tour Group listening to Agung Rai before we head off to the Temple at 6am

Comfortable, spacious air-conditioned rooms with wide porches plus delicious meals and friendly staff make this workshop a real delight. Highly recommended!

Carolyn Vanderplank, January 2015

Carolyn Carving her Lino
Carolyn Carving her Lino







For more information about workshops in January 2016 go to

Dates for 2016 will be released shortly.

Bali – we’re here !

Yes, I’ve been planning this trip and blogging about it for a while now,

At the Arma Resort
At the Arma Resort

We are finally here in Ubud making linocuts at the Arma Resort.

The water gardens and fountains here mean that you can hear water wherever you go, it has such a

Water garden Arma Resort
Water garden Arma Resort
Ubud Art Class
Ubud Art Class

calming effect.

Yesterday  we talked about different approaches to linocut and and about different artists and how they had approached the medium.

People started planning ideas and drawing drawing in their sketchbooks from all around the gardens and from their imagination. In the afternoon we went to the Arma Art Museum.

Today some people were continuing with their drawings and ideas while others were ready to draw directly onto the Lino. While two people got up to carving and printing! We have a great group sharing and discussing ideas. Tomorrow is the free day some people are doing a cooking class with the Chef at the Arma Resort others are doing the Ubud downhill bike ride where you get bused to the top of the mountain and then go on a leisurely down hill cycle through the Ubud countryside I will let you know how it all goes.

This has to be the best place I have ever taught a linocut workshop 😊

I’m planning to come here again next January to teach another linocut workshop and  also a workshop in mixed media drawing. Dates to be released soon check the website








At the Arma Resort

Screenprinted Aprons for Ubud Linocut Workshop

I bought Aprons for the Linocut Workshop in Ubud as part of the included materials kit,and I thought it would be nice to screen print them. Here they are before and after.

Here are the Aprons taped to the table ready to go.
Here are the Aprons taped to the table ready to go.
All screen printed with Ubud Art Workshops
All screen printed with Ubud Art Workshops









Working at the Fremantle Arts Centre has its perks, I was able to use the excellent screen printing studio there with a lovely long table. One more thing to tick off on my to do list before we go to Bali in January.

Freshly Screen Printed Apron
Freshly Screen Printed Apron

If you don’t know about my Art Workshops in Bali see the you tube video

It’s fully booked  for 2015 but I’m taking expressions of interest for 2016.


New Video about my Linocut Workshops

Here is the video I have made about my January workshop, I have 7 people booked in so there are a few more places if you are interested, I’ll let the video speak for itself


For more information go to the Website

This was my first time making a video and I would like to express my thanks to Racheal Dadd the musican who allowed me to use her beautiful song I am your home

Now I know what I ‘m doing with the video thing I hope to be posting more videos both about my artwork and the process of making Watch this space. Please share the video on facebook and other social media at the time of writing this I am only up to 50 views:)


The Most Beautiful Place to do a Linocut Workshop

I’m in Ubud, Bali organising the Linocut Retreat for January 2015. I had a meeting with  Arma Resort’s marketing manager to discuss the venue for our workshop, the area is great a roof without walls overlooking the water garden and the second area adjacent to the lobby of the Arma Museum, both beautiful.  Breakfast and lunch will be provided at the workshop so we discussed that also. Have had nothing but good food here.

Thai Restaurant at the Arma Resort
Thai Restaurant at the Arma Resort

I have to tell you about the museum/gallery, the resort was built to fund the gallery, it is much larger and more extensive than I thought it would be.  Housed in 2 traditional Balinese buildings one for traditional Balinese artwork and the other for contemporary work by Balinese artists and also paintings by foreign artists who drew inspiration from the Bali landscape and culture. The list includes  Walter Spies, Donald Friend, and Rudolf Bonnet. The Gallery has free entry to all workshop participants which is great because I think you will need more than one visit there is so much to see.

Arma Museum and Resort, where we will be staying
Arma Museum and Resort, where we will be staying

For more information go to

I’d love to see you there.


Arrived in Ubud Bali

Flowers in the Water Garden at the Arma Resort
Flowers in the Water Garden at the Arma Resort


I’m in Bali to put everything in place for the Linocut workshop I will be running in January.

I am thoroughly impressed with the gardens at the Arma Resort and the staff here are extremely helpful and friendly, without being intrusive.

We arrived at 9am (Me my husband and 2 teenage daughters) of course too early to check in to our room so we had some delicious food in the Thai restaurant with the relaxing sound of the water fountain  in the background. Fruit juice here is literally pureed fruit, (not sure if I will be able to go back to supermarket fruit juice after all the delicious juices I have had here). Then we wandered around exploring the grounds, around every corner is an unexpected delight, the flowers are gorgeous especially the orchids .Coming from Perth which doesn’t get a lot of rain, the tropical plants are amazing. There is plenty of inspiration here.

It was quite warm so when we found the pool we got changed had a swim and lay by the pool with a drink by the time our room was ready I felt I had already relaxed, surrounded by the tranquility of the garden.

Pool at the Arma Resort
Pool at the Arma Resort
View from our room Balcony to the Pool at the Arma Resort
View from our room balcony to the pool at the Arma Resort

To find out more about the linocut workshop I will be running in January go to

Book now, I’d love to see you here.

Prices come down for Bali Workshop

Thank you to those people who have sent me an expression of interest in my Bali Linocut Holiday.

The good news is that I have been able to negotiate a better price for accommodation and I’m passing on  the savings  so 7 nights

Ubud Art Market
Ubud Art Market

twin share or double is $1900 per person including materials, art tuition accommodation, breakfast, lunch and welcome dinner. (airfares not included ) For a comprehensive list of what is included go to

I’m going to Bali in 5 weeks to finalise the plans and I can’t wait. I love Ubud its the perfect place to slow yourself down and concentrate on making. Although this time I will be spending more time planning than making.

Like many people who love making art, I like nothing more than rummaging through an art materials store, there is one in Ubud and one in Denpassar. Of course I will be visiting both, to see if there are any interesting extras I can add to the materials kit which is included as part of the workshop price.

Arma Museum and Resort, where we will be staying
The Art Gallery at Arma Resort, where we will be staying.

For more information on the January Linocut Workshop go to