One Day PD workshop Book Now!

Understanding the visual arts for generalist primary teachers, no previous art experience necessary.

Contact Shana to book before Friday 27th of February

Generalist primary teachers are expected to know a lot about a lot of subjects and not all schools have specialist Art Teachers.

This workshop is very hands on and designed to demystify the New National Arts Curriculum for the visual arts for those who don’t have an art background.

I have over 20 years experience teaching art to adults and I promise you this will be the most fun you have had at a PD workshop. Classes are relaxed friendly and relevant to the problems teachers face in the classroom teaching art. for more info about Shana and her workshops for teachers go to

As you are aware Visual Arts is a compulsory part of the New National Curriculum in Primary Education. Yet many teachers have not been adequately taught how to teach this subject area.

This workshop is for generalist primary teachers and is designed to:

  • Teach Practical skills which relate directly to the new curriculum, suitable for teachers with little or no art experience.
  • Teach an understanding of different art materials including brands
  • Classroom management.
  • Cross curricular opportunities.
  • It is a prerequisite for more advanced workshops which will be held later in the year.

I have put together a one day workshop to be held at the Melville Rec Centre on Saturday the 7th of March.

$165 per person includes all art materials, notes and lunch, tea and coffee

Art has the capacity to engage the disengaged student and ignite a spark in the unmotivated. For some students it can even be the catalyst to global change in their entire attitude to school.

Book now  booking deadline, contact Shana

before Friday 27th of February

dl Promo teachers-1 day.indd



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