Carving Lino in my Studio

I am a visual artist – painter and printmaker and have exhibiting my artwork since 1990 and making it since I was three 🙂 (Depending on what you call art I guess.)  See my website for a full cv  www.shanajames.com

I am  West Australian and work from a studio at my home which is around 10 minutes drive from Fremantle.  I love Fremantle: the  turn of the century architecture,  the resturants, cafes local fashion designers and shops.

Fremantle is also home to the Fremantle Arts Centre a beautiful gothic limestone building built in 1864. This is where  I teach  people from all walks of life how to draw, paint and become printmakers.

Fremantle Arts Centre
Fremantle Arts Centre

I used to live closer in to Fremantle but moved outwards in the quest for a larger studio and more space for my family.  We are currently renovating a 1970s house, making it more eco friendly, less 70’s and more funky retro. We also have the luxury of  living 5 minutes drive from the beach.

When I’m not making art in my studio, I’m teaching art workshops at the Fremantle Arts Centre, planning  house renovations and spending time with my husband and 2 daughters.

I created this blog to talk about the ideas behind my art, but I’ve also ended up writing about the  process of creating art and a bit about the different techniques I use.  If you have any questions, queries or comments, please leave a comment I love to get your feedback.

Shana In her Studio
Shana In her Studio

2 thoughts on “About

  1. am a Zambian artist and teach art in schools. and i would love to share Zambian or African culture though art to the world. to inter change culture though art. i paint and sculpt.

  2. It sounds like you’re living the artist’s dream! Having your own art studio and also teaching. I’m trying to get into that sort of lifestyle, I’ve also been drawing since I was very very young 🙂
    You must have a lot of fun (and of course stress along the way!)
    I’ve also looked through some of your art pieces; and they are amazing!
    Good luck to you! 🙂
    -Kaitlyn Fletcher

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