Bali – we’re here !

Yes, I’ve been planning this trip and blogging about it for a while now,

At the Arma Resort
At the Arma Resort

We are finally here in Ubud making linocuts at the Arma Resort.

The water gardens and fountains here mean that you can hear water wherever you go, it has such a

Water garden Arma Resort
Water garden Arma Resort
Ubud Art Class
Ubud Art Class

calming effect.

Yesterday  we talked about different approaches to linocut and and about different artists and how they had approached the medium.

People started planning ideas and drawing drawing in their sketchbooks from all around the gardens and from their imagination. In the afternoon we went to the Arma Art Museum.

Today some people were continuing with their drawings and ideas while others were ready to draw directly onto the Lino. While two people got up to carving and printing! We have a great group sharing and discussing ideas. Tomorrow is the free day some people are doing a cooking class with the Chef at the Arma Resort others are doing the Ubud downhill bike ride where you get bused to the top of the mountain and then go on a leisurely down hill cycle through the Ubud countryside I will let you know how it all goes.

This has to be the best place I have ever taught a linocut workshop 😊

I’m planning to come here again next January to teach another linocut workshop and  also a workshop in mixed media drawing. Dates to be released soon check the website








At the Arma Resort


One thought on “Bali – we’re here !

  1. Today is my first day back at work and I am so envious to read about the wonderful Ubud workshop experience. I can’t wait to hear more about the 2016 trip! I will begin my Indonesian lessons in anticipation!

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