Promotional Photos – Which should I choose?

The profile shot of me on my website is 5 years old, its starting to look like I’m trying to fake my age.  I usually don’t feel that comfortable having my photo taken, I really prefer my artwork to get the limelight. But I needed some promotional shots of the wine labels I made artwork for, so I took the opportunity to get some portraits taken at the same time to update my website.

I have known the photographer John Rice and his wife Shannon for years and have always loved his fine art photography as well as his natural portraits and beautiful composition. He studied at the Shelley Park College of Art in England, and later at post-graduate level,  the prestigious Bournemouth and Poole College of Art which attracts students from all over the world.

The point is here that John knows the arty side of photography pretty well and that is important to me, because it shows in the photos. But just as important as this, (especially for someone as un-photogenic as me) is the way that John makes you feel relaxed and at ease. He is so chilled out that you just chat to him and forget you are having your photo taken. It didn’t hurt a bit 🙂

So which photo should I choose for the profile page on my website? I would appreciate your feedback…….

In the Studio
In the Studio with easel and etching press
With Wine Bottles and Artwork
With Wine Bottles and Artwork
At Desk Looking Down
At Desk Looking Down
At Desk Looking Up
At Desk Looking Up
With Artwork
With Artwork

I welcome your comments to help me choose for the profile page on my website, and have a look at Johns Website too.


3 thoughts on “Promotional Photos – Which should I choose?

  1. Hi Shana – they’re all so good, John has captured you beautifully. My favourites though are No.1 (cropped) & No.3 & No.2 in that order – Good Luck!

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