Invitation and My Preparation for “River Jazz and Open Air Art Fair”

When: Sunday 4th March 2012

Time: 11am – 1pm

Where: Weir Park Cnr Kent Street & Queens Park Road, Wilson Click here for Map


Kent Street, Weir Park
Kent Street, Weir Park

We did a reconnaissance trip out to Weir Park on the Corner of Kent Street & Queens Park Road Wilson where the River Jazz and Art Fair will be held this Sunday. I thought since I was involved in it I should at least know where it was, and whether the coffee was any good. I’d never been out there before and was pleasantly surprised, this photo really doesn’t do the place justice.

The Canning River meanders through parkland with grass, natural bushland, bike paths and a bridge going across the river. People walking with dogs, canoeing and eating at the cafe or picnicing under the trees. (Spellcheck tells me picnicing is not a word.)

Canning River Cafe
Canning River Cafe

Here is my husband and two daughters at the Canning River Cafe, the coffee was good and I can recommend the toasted banana bread…yum.

But more about Sunday the 4th of March…..

Listen to the sweet sounds of a Jazz trio next to the beautiful Canning River while strolling through the grounds observing artists painting in the open air.  Art works from many different mediums including photography, pottery, woodworking and jewellery will be for sale on the day.

Take in the stunning  river views at the newly opened Canning River Café with a sumptuous coffee and delicious cakes and don’t forget to tour the Canning River Eco Education Centre to learn more about the magnificent flora and fauna of the Canning River Regional Park. (If it sounds like I just lifted that from the events page of the City of Canning Website, you would be right)

So if you get a chance drive down to  Canning river I’ll be there with some of my art for sale doing a drawing and soaking up the atmosphere…..

Recent Ink & Wash Drawings
Recent Ink & Wash Drawings

Here are some of my recent ink drawings which will be on sale unframed. They’re not even on my website yet.

Canning River Eco Centre
Canning River Eco Centre

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