Wine Label Drawings

6 Wine Lable Drawings
6 Wine Label Drawings

The continuing story of the wine label commission……

After many emails and phone calls between Perth (where I am) and Damian in the Yarra Valley.  I think we have come up with 6 drawings  we are both happy with. These drawings will be made into linocuts.

The images are metaphors for the story of the winemaking journey of Damian North from The Jack Russell Wine Company.

I have used the circle or part of as a compositional element linking the images both visually and conceptually, as each image shows part of the story and part of a circle.  In the second image where the circle is more metaphorical being created by the linking of the 2 people.

Usually I draw directly onto the lino but as this is a commission and there was a lot to work out I have drawn them with ink and black marker and will now trace them in reverse onto the lino.

They will look better as linocuts sharper and crisper and more substantial on good paper.   If you don’t know what a linocut is, see my article What is a Linocut?

See previous blog entries about this commission Do not feel constrained and One door closes

Carving next………I will write more detail about each image as I carve it.


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