The Flow of Ideas…..

Wine Label Drawings for linocuts are coming together. (see previous blog entries One Door closes… and Do not feel constrained...)

Messy Desk  Drawings
Messy Desk Drawings

Now 5 images have been worked out, and I’m working on the 6th and final design, also there are a few minor changes for the others which I will do as I transfer the images onto the lino to be carved.

The last commission I did I was pretty much left to my own devises (read about it here). In a lot of ways this project is very different. It is more design based as the image will be seen by a lot of people. As wine labels  what the winemaker wants to portray is all important.

I have discovered being flexible and not  too attached or invested in my idea; as well as listening carefully are all important aspects of the commission process.   And when you think about it if you could master that in all areas of life…… things would be going pretty well too.

Cant show you more detail of the wine labels yet……. but to see some of my finished linocuts click here


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