Show Off – City of Cockburn

Show Off 7

Just dropped off my artwork to the city of cockburn exhibition  Show Off 7.

The Red Boat oil on canvas 709 x 597mm
The Red Boat oil on canvas 709 x 597mm

Show off is an annual exhibition with work by artists who live in the City of Cockburn. It opens on Friday 29th of April at Memorial Hall Carrington St, Hamilton Hill.

I will have 3 pieces in the show:-

Red Boat oil painting Click here for more info about this painting  and 2 Linocuts. While the suburbs of Cockburn haven’t got a particularly arty reputaion especially when compared to Fremantle, there is a surprising number of artists working away in cockburn in their sheds and homebased studios pushed out from Fremantle by high real estate costs. Last year it was a very ecclectic exhibition . There is a large range of artists from proffessionals down to hobby artists some big names too like  George Haynes, Jane Martin, Larry Mitchell.

So if you are in the area drop by, exhibition opens Friday 29th April at 6pm and continues till Sunday 8th of May.

Unfold Lino cut
Unfold Lino cut

These three images are what I will have in the exhibition.

Interior, lino cut
Interior, lino cut 28 x 19 cm


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